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     W.S.I Industrial.Co.,Ltd is a specialized medical company including research, production, marketing and trading .We have built a professional and mature team to provide our best service to customers so far. we have obtained the ISO9001, FDA and CEcertifications.
Our products covered medical macromolecule polymer products,nonwoven products,medical dressings and other medical disposables. Here are the details as following:
      1.medical macromolecule polymer products:the silicone drainage tubes with acid Resistance and corrosion resistance can maintain a good state in high temperature conditions.In additional, we produce Silicone Gastric Tube, Silicone Anus Tube, Capillary Drainage Tube, Close Thoracic Drainage bottle, Washing Bag for operation and Surgical Washing Tube as well.
      2.nonwoven products: disposable facemask(with ties and earloop), cap(nurse cap and mob cap), clothes(isolation gown and surgical gown), shoecover(nonwoven shoecover and PE,CPE shoecover) and apron ( PE.CPE and nonwoven).They are made of high quality nonwoven, shot fiber nonwoven , spunlaced nonwoven and SMS nonwoven.
      3.medical dressings: transparent dressing, wound dressing, PU film surgical towel,medical absorbent gauze, eye pad, absorbent cotton roll and applicator, medical tape. Besides ,We will develop the functionality dressings and biology dressings to provide the systematism solution for surgery and wound caring.
     Along with the development of our company, our products are exported to Uerope, Japan, America, U.K.,India , Taiwan more than 20 countries and region.W.S.I.Industrial Co.,Ltd will provide customers the best service and make customers profitable sincerely by our highest quality and greatest credit.
disposable dust mask disposable facemask Urine Bag Disposable Bag Infusion Sets transfusion set Disposable Sterile Syringe lap bandage medical gauze dental cotton roll shrink gauze
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